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Holistic wellness [hoh-lis-tik / wel-nis]: the idea that one must treat his or her body, mind and spirit with care to achieve a more complete sense of well-being

I’m Susan, and I’m an addict in recovery. A holistic approach to sobriety has kept me on a successful path since my first day being drug- and alcohol-free, and I believe adopting even a few holistic methods can help anyone struggling with addiction.

You don’t have to be a hippie to embrace holistic wellness – this concept is simply about focusing on your entire sense of well-being rather than just one part. I hope this site will inspire anyone who has struggled with addiction to incorporate holistic practices into their own self-care routine.

Holistic Rehab Therapies

Holistic approaches to addiction therapy

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There are a wide variety of holistic approaches to addiction therapy, and to benefit your overall wellness, you should consider trying several over the course of your treatment. You may even discover activities you enjoy so much that you continue practicing them when your time in rehab has come to an end.

Nutritional therapy.

The food we put into our bodies plays a huge role in the way we feel. Nutritionists can help you create a meal plan that not only feeds your physical self, but your emotional being as well.

Outdoor therapy.

Spending time in the fresh air and sunshine is spiritual and cathartic. Outdoor therapy can include gentle activities like hiking, kayaking and swimming.

Yoga, tai chi and meditation.

Yoga and tai chi are wonderful ways to get some exercise, but their true benefits are in teaching the body and mind to work cohesively, which is also the goal of meditation.